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Diffuser Bomb - Summer Sunshine

Diffuser Bombs!

Summer weather is finally here! Which also means we've been diffusing all the summer smells in our homes. One recipe on repeat is orange, lemon, and grapefruit because it just smells sooo good, and because we use it so often we decided to make it into a diffuser bomb. Just mix all your oils in a beautiful dropper and it makes for easy diffusing of all your favourite combos!

Summer Sunshine

4 drops orange

4 drops lemon

4 drops grapefruit

| We did this combo times 10 because we're using a 1 oz. dropper bottle |

Below are a few of our other favourite summer blends, happy diffusing!

Mint Creamsicle

4 drops citrus bliss

3 drops spearmint

Sweet Summer

4 drops wild orange

2 drops geranium

4 drops lime

These fun flora labels on the bottles are available in our shop!

Also, head to our freebies to download this

summer diffuser recipe page!!

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