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Faux Concrete Planters

YOU GUYS!! We love a good DIY just as much as the next guy but this one is one of my most faves for the simplicity! It is SO easy but you get the coolest look and it's so easy to customize to your decor! Now those thrifted vases and jars can fit right into your decor with more than just a boring coat of plain ol' paint.

What you need:

Craft Paint

Paint Brush


Mixing Bowl

Vase or Jar

Pour enough paint to give your item approx 2 coats, mix flour approx 3:1 ratio. Make sure your paint is still paintable and not balled up into dough, paint a thick coat onto your vase and let that baby dry! Fill'er up with a new beauty plant, pampas grass or some eucalyptus!

Tha's IT!!!

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