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Palo Santo, Calm, Creative + Protecting! How Palo Santo can help you too.

They say that your body will naturally gravitate toward the oils you need, the oils that will serve you and your body well. Even if you don't resonate with the name, your inner self knows it will benefit you, that was the case for me with Palo Santo.

If you have used it or burnt it, you know the smell, very distinct, very woodsy, very deep with the perfect hint of citrus. They call it "holy wood" when you burn it. Sounds fitting. This oil comes with many properties, complex yet simple. Clear energy, calm your nerves, support your immune system, enhance your relaxation, support your blood vessels, and ground and center your body to help eliminate the impact of stress.

With the way we are living these days, it's no wonder this oil is something people crave. Once you smell it, you can get so drawn in to it. I have never felt so in need of an oil before, I couldn't put it down, I am not sure what part of it my body was needing, but I instantly felt the immense benefits. Overwhelmingly peaceful. I am sure as we carry on this oily journey we will run into many instances like this, but I am so grateful for my body's ability to understand its needs and seek them out! We have included a few different blends below, some for your diffuser (this bad boy lulls me to bed like nobody's business) and some great gentle roller bottle recipes!

Peace-Roller Bottle Blend

3 Drops-Frankincense

3 Drops-Orange

2 Drops- Palo Santo

Mix with a carrier oil of your choice.

Pain + Joint Relief

Mix 5 drops of palo santo with a carrier oil of your choice in a 10ml roller bottle and apply as needed to sore joints and muscles.

Focus-Diffuser Blend

3 Drops-Palo Santo

3 Drops-Northern Lights Black Spruce

2 Drops Geranium

Add these drops to your diffuser and blend when you need a little uplift

Peace of Mind

4 Drops- Frankincense

3 Drops-Palo Santo

2 Drops-Cedar Wood

2 Drops-Jasmine

Add these drops to your diffuser and blend when you need to feel Peace.

*always dilute an oil with a carrier unless otherwise noted, Palo Santo can be very stron for some people with sensitivities"

We hope you find some grounding + peace with our fave, Palo Santo

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